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Cast Aside: Boredom, Downward Mobility, and Homelessness in Post-Communist Bucharest

Managing Hate: Political Delinquency and Affective Governance in Germany

Why Ethnography Matters: On Anthropology and Its Publics

Rethinking Public Anthropology Through Epistemic Politics and Theoretical Practice

A Case of Cultural Misunderstanding: French Anthropology in a Comparative Perspective

Beyond Fact or Fiction: On the Materiality of Race in Practice

Post/Socialist Affect: Ruination and Reconstruction of the Nation in Urban Vietnam

"Wrapped in Plastic": Transformation and Alienation in the New Finnish Economy

Counterfeiting the Nation? Skopje 2014 and the Politics of Nation Branding in Macedonia

Existential Damages: The Injury of Precarity Goes to Court

Ascertaining Deadly Harms: Aesthetics and Politics of Global Evidence

From Socialist Modern to Super-Natural Organicism: Cosmological Transformations Through Home Decor

More Alive Than All the Living: Sovereign Bodies and Cosmic Politics in Buddhist Siberia

Black Goo: Forceful Encounters with Matter in Europe's Muddy Margins

Articulating Potentiality: Notes on the Delineation of the Blank Figure in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Motivated Markets: Instruments and Ideologies of Clean Energy in the United Kingdom

On Affective Labor in Post-Fordist Italy

Tales From Albarado: The Materiality of Pyramid Schemes in Postsocialist Albania

The Antisocial Profile: Deception and Intimacy in Greek Psychiatry

Moscow's Echo: Technologies of the Self, Publics, and Politics on the Russian Talk Show

Potato Ontology: Surviving Postsocialism in Russia

We Were Dancing in the Club, Not on the Berlin Wall: Black Bodies, Street Bureaucrats, and Exclusionary Incorporation into the New Europe

The Humanitarian Politics of Testimony: Subjectification through Trauma in the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict

Repossession: Notes on Restoration and Redemption in Ukraine's Western Borderland

Rose-Colored Glasses? Color Revolutions and Cartoon Chaos in Postsocialist Georgia

Between Cinema and Social Work: Diasporic Turkish Women and the (Dis)Pleasures of Hybridity

Streets Not Named: Discursive Dead Ends and the Politics of Orientation in Intercommunal Spatial Relations in Northern Greece

Compassion and Repression: The Moral Economy of Immigration Policies in France

Election Day: The Construction of Democracy through Technique

"Empty Cradles" and the Quiet Revolution: Demographic Discourse and Cultural Struggles of Gender, Race, and Class in Italy