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Latin America

Stumped Identities: Body Image, Bodies Politic, and the Mujer Maya as Prosthetic

Of Ships and Saints: History, Memory, and Place in the Making of Moreno Mexican Identity

For a Politics of Love and Rescue

Bioprospecting the Public Domain

Consuming Pity: The Production of Death among the Cashinahua

"Local Theory": Nature and the Making of an Amazonian Place

Latinizing Culture: Art, Museums, and the Politics of U.S. Multicultural Encompassment

The Theft of Carnaval: National Spectacle and Racial Politics in Rio de Janeiro

The Salt of the Montaña: Interpreting Indigenous Activism in the Rain Forest

Creating Citizens, Making Men: The Military and Masculinity in Bolivia

Meat and Strength: The Moral Economy of a Chilean Food Riot

Spatial Reconfigurations, Imagined Geographies, and Social Conflicts in Cartagena, Colombia

Maya Hackers and the Cyberspatialized Nation-State: Modernity, Ethnostalgia, and a Lizard Queen in Guatemala

Executing Ethnicity: The Killings in Suriname

To Revolt against the Revolution: War and Resistance in Peru's Andes

Preserving Indian Culture: Shaman Schools and Ethno-Education in the Vaupes, Colombia

Fear as a Way of Life

Landlords and the Devil: Class, Ethnic, and Gender Dimensions of Central American Peasant Narratives

The Other in Chamula Tzotzil Cosmology and History: Reflections of a Kansan in Chiapas

Between Worlds of Exchange: Ethnicity among Peruvian Market Women

Protestant Theories and Anthropological Knowledge: Convergent Models in the Ecuadorian Sierra

Whose History? Whose Voice? Myth and Resistance in the Rise of the New Left in Mexico

Autoconstruction in Working-Class Brazil

Peru In Deep Trouble: Mario Vargas Llosa's “Inquest in the Andes” Reexamined

Missing the Revolution: Anthropologists and the War in Peru

Ethnology Brazilian Style

Challenge to Authority: Bakhtin and Ethnographic Description

Shame, Witchcraft, and Social Control: The Case of an Awa-Coaiquer Interloper

Essential Outlines of Crime and Madness: Man-Fights in São Luís

A Zapotecan Meritocracy