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Displacing Violence: Making Pentecostal Memory in Postwar Sierra Leone

The Funeral and Modernity in Manjaco

Cultural Sovereignty in a Global Art Economy: Egyptian Cultural Policy and the New Western Interest in Art from the Middle East

Engaging Colonial Nostalgia

Third Nature: Making Space and Time in the Great Limpopo Conservation Area

Objects of Love and Decay: Colonial Photographs in a Postcolonial Archive

The Pleasures of Corruption: Desire and Discipline in Ghanaian Political Culture

The Bakassi Boys: Vigilantism, Violence, and Political Imagination in Nigeria

Multipartyism and Nostalgia for the Unified Past: Discourses of Democracy in a Dance Association in Cameroon

Eritrea Goes Global: Reflections on Nationalism in a Transnational Era

Desired Publics, Domestic Government, and Entangled Fears: On the Anthropology of Civil Society, Farm Workers, and White Farmers in Zimbabwe

Place Replaced: Colonial Nostalgia and Pied-Noir Pilgrimages to Malta

Notes on Jewish-Muslim Relationships: Revisiting the Vanishing Moroccan Jewish Community

The Truth of Sorcery

Emotion, Performance, and Temporality in Arab Music: Reflections on Tarab

An Anthropologist's (New?) Dress Code: Some Brief Comments on a Comparative Cosmopolitanism

Of Mimicry and Membership: Africans and the "New World Society"

Thug Realism: Inhabiting Fantasy in Urban Tanzania

Domestic Exceptions: Evans-Pritchard and the Creation of Nuer Patrilineality and Equality

From the “Clean Snows of Petawawa”: The Violence of Canadian Peacekeepers in Somalia

Of Headhunters and Cannibals: Migrancy, Labor, and Consumption in the Mawri Imagination

Beyond Textual Analysis: Practice, Interacting Discourses, and the Experience of Distinction in Botswana

Subaltern Struggles and the Politics of Place: Remapping Resistance in Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands

Freeing South Africa: The "Modernization" of Male-Male Sexuality in Soweto

Doing Violence to Ethnography: A Response to Catherine Besteman's "Representing Violence and 'Othering' Somalia"

Primordialist Blinders: A Reply to I. M. Lewis

The UN Security Council, Indifference, and Genocide in Rwanda

Colonial Moral Economy and the Discipline of Development: The Gezira Scheme and “Modern” Sudan

Searching for “Voices”: Feminism, Anthropology, and the Global Debate over Female Genital Operations

Northwestern Tanzania on a Single Shilling: Sociality, Embodiment, Valuation