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Language Conflict: Transactions and Games in Kenya

The Generic Biothreat, or, How We Became Unprepared

From Rules to Strategies: An Interview with Pierre Bourdieu

Representation and Politics: Contesting Histories of the Iroquois

Gifts Intercepted: Biopolitics and Spirit Debt

Ayurvedic Interiors: Person, Space, and Episteme in Three Medical Practices

Traces of Folk Medicine in Jaunpur

Recent Developments in French Anthropology of France and the Role of the Mission du Patrimoine Ethnologique

Sexuality and Cargo Cults: The Politics of Gender and Procreation in West New Britain

When Leadership Becomes Allegory: Mzeina Sheikhs and the Experience of Military Occupation

The Socialization of Aristocratic Children by Commoners: Recalled Experiences of the Hereditary Elite in Modern Japan

"Your Eyes Are Green like Dollars": Counterfeit Cash, National Substance, and Currency Apartheid in 1990s Russia

Notes on Jewish-Muslim Relationships: Revisiting the Vanishing Moroccan Jewish Community

Genre and Embodiment: From Brazilian Capoeira to the Ethnology of Human Movement

Doing Violence to Ethnography: A Response to Catherine Besteman's "Representing Violence and 'Othering' Somalia"

Of Ships and Saints: History, Memory, and Place in the Making of Moreno Mexican Identity

Compromising Power:Development, Culture, and Rule in Indonesia

Carnal Economies: The Commodification of Food and Sex in Kathmandu

Essential Outlines of Crime and Madness: Man-Fights in São Luís

Culture, Exchange, and Gender: Lessons from the Murik

Learning from New Orleans: The Social Warrant of Hostile Privatism and Competitive Consumer Citizenship

The Meaning of Memory: Family, Class, and Ethnicity in Early Network Television Programs

Diasporic Identities: The Science and Politics of Race in the Work of Franz Boas and W. E. B. Du Bois, 1894–1919

Masochism, Spectacle, and the “Broken Mirror” Clown Entrée: A Note on the Anthropology of Performance in Postmodern Culture

Memory Work: Reconstituting the Ethnic in Post-Mao China

Suicide, Risk, and Investment in the Heart of the African Miracle

Decadence in Times of Globalization

The Global University, Area Studies, and the World Citizen: Neoliberal Geography's Redistribution of the "World"

Making the Monkey: How the Togean Macaque Went from "New Form" to "Endemic Species' in Indonesians' Conservation Biology

Viral Clouds: Becoming H5N1 in Indonesia