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Media Studies

Watching Twin Bracelets in China: The Role of Spectatorship and Identification in an Ethnographic Analysis of Film Reception

Anthropology and the New Technologies of Communication

Tracking Properness: Repackaging Culture in a Remote Australian Town

Technologies of the Voice: FM Radio, Telephone, and the Nepali Diaspora in Kathmandu

Introduction to Culture at Large Forum with George Lipsitz: Social Warrants and Rethinking American Culture

“People from that Part of the World”: The Politics of Dislocation

Ethnography and American Studies

Cultural Critique in and of American Culture

Borderland Pop: Arab Jewish Musicians and the Politics of Performance

Geeks, Social Imaginaries, and Recursive Publics

Violence and the Rhetoric of Images

Violence and the Rhetoric of Images

"Very Bombay": Contending with the Global in an Indian Advertising Agency

Cyborg Violence: Bursting Borders and Bodies with Queer Machines

On the Sedimentation and Accreditation of Social Knowledges of Difference: Mass Media, Journalism, and the Reproduction of East/West Alterities in Unified Germany

Identity Dub: The Paradoxes of an Indian American Youth Subculture (New York Mix)

Culture Sells: Cézanne and Corporate Identity

Modernist Discourse, Psychic Forms, and Agency: Aesthetic Subjectivities at IRCAM

The Writing on the Walls: The Graffiti of the Intifada

Response to David B. Edwards's “Afghanistan, Ethnography, and the New World Order”: On the Involuntary Redrawing of Our Subject Matter

Embedded Aesthetics: Creating a Discursive Space for Indigenous Media

Photojournalism, Anthropology, and Ethnographic Authority

A Documentary Fiction and Ethnographic Production: An Analysis of Sherman's March

American Academic Journal Editing in the Great Bourgeois Cultural Revolution of Late 20th-Century Postmodernity: The Case of Cultural Anthropology

Do We Really Need “Postmodernism” to Understand Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

The Production of European High Culture in Los Angeles: The J. Paul Getty Trust as Artificial Curiosity

The Ambivalent Self of the Contemporary Japanese

On Wittgenstein's Remarks on Frazer's Golden Bough

Secrets of Success in Postmodern Society

The Public Faces of Sarah Winnemucca