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Science and Technology Studies

Circulating Ignorance: Complexity and Agnogenesis in the Obesity “Epidemic”

Economy Electric

Our Master’s Voice, the Practice of Melancholy, and Minor Sciences

Tentacles of Modernity: Why Electricity Needs Anthropology

Anthropology Electric

Relational Space: An Earthly Installation

Better Weather?: The Cultivation of the Sky


Life Above Earth: An Introduction

From Anthropologist to Actant (and back to Anthropology): Position, Impasse, and Observation in Sociotechnical Collaboration

Wild Goose Chase: The Displacement of Influenza Research in the Fields of Poyang Lake, China

Ethnography and Theory of the Signature in Physics

Genetic Diaspora: Producing Knowledge of Genes and Jews in Rural South Africa

Ironies of Laboratory Work during Ghana's Second Age of Optimism

Traveling Technologies: Infrastructure, Ethical Regimes, and the Materiality of Politics in South Africa

Governing Disaster: The Political Life of the Environment during the BP Oil Spill

Beyond Fact or Fiction: On the Materiality of Race in Practice

Mexican Genomics and the Roots of Racial Thinking

Tokyo's Commuter Train Suicides and the Society of Emergence

Dreamwork: Cell Phone Novelists, Labor, and Politics in Contemporary Japan

Beans Before the Law: Knowledge Practices, Responsibility, and the Paraguayan Soy Boom

Dengue Mosquitos Are Single Mothers: Biopolitics Meets Ecological Aesthetics in Nicaraguan Community Health Work

No One Wants To Be the Candy Man: Ambivalent Medicalization and Clinician Subjectivity in Pain Management

Ethnography in Late Industrialism

Scientific Sovereignty: How International Drug Donation Programs Reshape Health, Disease, and the State

The Semiotics of Security: Infectious Disease Research and the Biopolitics of Informational Bodies in the United States

Black Goo: Forceful Encounters with Matter in Europe's Muddy Margins

Lonely Drinking Fountains and Comforting Coolers: Paradoxes of Water Value and Ironies of Water Use

Motivated Markets: Instruments and Ideologies of Clean Energy in the United Kingdom

Articulating Potentiality: Notes on the Delineation of the Blank Figure in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research