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Cities and Urbanism

Bioprospecting the Public Domain

The Theft of Carnaval: National Spectacle and Racial Politics in Rio de Janeiro

Rimbaud's House in Aden, Yemen: Giving Voice(s) to the Silent Poet

Spatial Reconfigurations, Imagined Geographies, and Social Conflicts in Cartagena, Colombia

Beyond Occidentalism: Toward Nonimperial Geohistorical Categories

Race, Rubbish, and Resistance: Empowering Difference in Community Politics

Lost in America

The Country and the City on the Copperbelt

The Premature Demise of Postmodern Urbanism

Autoconstruction in Working-Class Brazil

Metropolitan Africans: Reading Incapacity, the Incapacity of Reading

Cultural Production and Reproduction in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico: Tropes at Play among Maquiladora Workers

Cultural Exchange: New Developments in the Anthropology of Commodities

Building Power: Italy's Colonial Architecture and Urbanism, 1923-1940

Andalusia on Our Minds: Two Contrasting Places in Spain As Seen in a Vernacular Poetic Duel of the Late 19th Century

Ideology, Place, and People without Culture

Industrial Agriculture in Evolutionary Perspective

Divergence between Cultural Success and Reproductive Fitness in Preindustrial Cities