Field Notes in February

The very first round of Field Notes has now come to an end. See Chris Garces's excellent "Integration" post here. Chris has wonderfully put all three of the previous writers' pieces in conversation, and ended with a provocation to think about of the relationship between 'contact' and 'access'. Check out the previous posts by Peter Redfield, Nicola Bulled, and Rachel Caesar.

For February, CA Contributing Editor Darren Byler has organized an incredible group of writers to reflect on "affect". As shown by Jonah Rubin's Fieldsights post on the 2012 AAA panel, "Researching Affect / Affecting Research", affect is an "ephemeral and slippery" word full of analytic potential that we as anthropologists are in the midst of figuring out. 

Darren will be introducing our February writers with a post later today. 

We have some more great writers lined up for March and April. If you'd like to propose a theme or participate in a future round, please get in touch with me at