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After Roe

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After Roe

On June 24, 2022 in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a conservative supermajority of the US Supreme Court overturned the court’s rulings in Roe v.... More

Conducting Fieldwork in the United States


Conducting Fieldwork in the United States

This episode is devoted to thinking through the specificity of the United States as a place in which to conduct fieldwork. Dr. Tali Ziv shares her insights base... More

An Incomplete Revolution: A Conversation with Mohamed Haj Salem Reflecting on the 2011 Uprising in Tunisia

Member Voices

An Incomplete Revolution: A Conversation with Mohamed Haj Salem Reflecting on the 2011 Uprising in Tunisia

A decade has passed since Tunisians took the streets to demand a radical political change. Their act ushered a period of uprisings that toppled some of the olde... More

Disability as Rupture

Theorizing the Contemporary

Disability as Rupture

Disability offers opportunities to reconceptualize ethnographic practices and anthropological projects. Actualizing these opportunities requires allowing disabi... More

Cultural Anthropology

Established in 1986, the peer-reviewed journal of the SCA has expanded the boundaries of the discipline and brokered new engagements with adjacent fields. Committed to innovation in scholarly communication, the journal went open access in 2014.

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Announcing Cultural Anthropology’s Opening to Submissions in Spanish

(Con traducción al español) Starting in October 2022, Cultural Anthropology’s new editorial collective is inviting article submissions in Spanish. With this ini... More

Introduction of the Inaugural Digital Curatorial Collective (DCC)

The Society of Cultural Anthropology is pleased to introduce the inaugural Digital Curatorial Collective (DCC). The DCC is comprised of an international team of... More

Call for Applications: Social Media Contributing Editors

The Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA) is still accepting applications to its Social Media Team, part of SCA’s Contributing Editors (CE) Program. The new d... More