Issue 33.1, February 2018

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Homepage_slug_33-1-cover-for-web In our first issue of 2018, Cultural Anthropology features two new contributions to our Sound + Vision section with a shared focus on voice and sound. Laura Kunreuther uses the South Asian concept of āwāj to explore the multiplicity of democratic soundscapes in the world today. She argues that motifs of āwāj diverge from polarities of public voice and crowd noise that are rooted in the lib... More...


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Homepage_slug_13474923754_4dedf1d27d_o After the words “America” and “United States,” President Donald Trump mentioned sovereignty more than any other topic in his speech to the UN General Assembly in September 2017. Trump linked sovereignty to global prosperity, calling for what might alternately be called noninterference or American isolationism. Recently, other countries have also invoked national soverei... More...



Cultural Anthropology Responds to Trump

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