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What is a Classroom For? Teaching the Anthropology of Palestine

Teaching Tools

What is a Classroom For? Teaching the Anthropology of Palestine

Arrivals As a college professor, I consider the classroom to be a site of engagement, activism, and learning, not just for my students, but also for myself. Ove... More

AnthroBites: Anthropology of NGOs


AnthroBites: Anthropology of NGOs

AnthroBites is a series from the AnthroPod team, designed to make anthropology more digestible. Each episode tackles a key concept, text, or theme, and breaks i... More

(De)compositions: A Review of Anthropocene

Visual and New Media Review

(De)compositions: A Review of Anthropocene

Our entrance into Anthropocene was initiated by a loud noise of what we imagined to be a bomb exploding. Repeated on a loop from a concealed source, this sonic ... More

Embodied Ecologies

Theorizing the Contemporary

Embodied Ecologies

The materiality of human bodies at the smallest scales—genes, microbes, chemicals, hormones—is increasingly being understood as both responsive to broader envir... More

Cultural Anthropology

Established in 1986, the peer-reviewed journal of the SCA has expanded the boundaries of the discipline and brokered new engagements with adjacent fields. Committed to innovation in scholarly communication, the journal went open access in 2014.

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Call for Entries: 2019 Gregory Bateson Book Prize

The Gregory Bateson Book Prize is awarded each year by the Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA), one of the largest sections of the American Anthropological ... More

Advanced Graduate Students Needed for the Cultural Horizons Prize Jury

For nearly three decades, the Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA) has been distinguished by one of the largest graduate student memberships of any section o... More

Persistence in Digital Publishing, or, Where's My Post?

Amid the enthusiastic responses to the launch of the new SCA website yesterday, we've heard from some authors who are concerned about dead links to posts publis... More