Call for Reflections on Summer Fieldwork

The Society for Cultural Anthropology invites pre-field PhD students to send short, 1,000-word reflections on their recent summer fieldwork to be published online in the Member Voices section of Fieldsights. Students who send their reflections are required to be SCA members. Reflections may touch on theoretical and methodological issues that the student has faced in the course of their summer fieldwork. In particular, the reflection should situate summer fieldwork in the student's academic interests and prospects. This said, we encourage students to touch on personal aspects of summer fieldwork as well. We also encourage reflections to include a range of media, such as sketches, field notes, images, photographs, and video and audio material. These materials may complement the reflection or may constitute the reflection itself. SCA section editors will select a total of five reflections to publish as a series in Member Voices. Selections will be made on the basis of the quality of the reflections, as well as on their geographical and theoretical content, so as to have a diverse range of reflections in the series. The reflections will be accompanied by a brief introduction written by an SCA section editor. The purpose of the series will be to draw attention to pre-field summer fieldwork, a crucial aspect of graduate careers in anthropology that is seldom given the importance it deserves. Reflections (1,000 words or less) should be sent to Member Voices editor Pablo Seward Delaporte at [email protected] by October 15, 2019. They will be published online in the Member Voices section of the SCA website ( by the end of the year. We look forward to reading your reflections.