Preserving Indian Culture: Shaman Schools and Ethno-Education in the Vaupes, Colombia

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Essay Excerpt

Tukanoans in the Vaupes region of southeastern Colombia have been mobilizing to preserve their culture and history for some 20 years.' This article examines the reactions of a group of Tukanoan primary schoolteachers to a specific instance of cultural revitalization efforts: an attempt to preserve local indigenous medicine using Western pedagogical methods. Although the events this paper discusses occurred among Indians in a tropical forest region in the Northwest Amazon, the issues are similar to those encountered by many other Indian communities which  -influenced by the pan-Indian movement now stretching the length of the Western Hemisphere - are attempting to strengthen and renew their culture in highly politicized circumstances (302).

Jackson, J. "Preserving Indian Culture: Shaman Schools and Ethno-Education in the Vaupés, Colombia." Cultural Anthropology 10.3(1995): 302–329.

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