Trials of Identity in America

Peer Reviewed

Essay Excerpt

I review the book briefly in this essay, then explore the notion of "identity" with discussions in and about American culture in mind. Questions about ethnicity and the like can be reframed as questions about hegemonic processes in and among discourses. I draw on data from Hawaii in part to argue that Dominguez's rich historical and cultural findings have parallels elsewhere. (Kirkpatrick, 301)

About the Author

John Kirkpatrick is a Senior Socio-Economic Analyst for Belt Collins Hawaii LLC. John has over 21 years of experience providing socio-economic impact assessments and market studies for residential, resort, sports, industrial and commercial projects. His feasibility studies have covered assessment of proposed and competing projects, cost projections, return and risk factors, alternatives and financing. He works closely with planners to develop feasible alternatives and to refine initial plans to maximize project viability. Recently, he collaborated on the feasibility study for Vista Field in Kennewick, helping to shape mixed-use alternatives that would yield the highest and best use of the site for the City of Kennewick. His LEED work focuses on life-cycle costing and sustainment. He conducts community planning, housing-related, and policy studies for public agencies as well as private sector clients.

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