Contingent Selves: Love and Death in a Buddhist Society in Nepal

Peer Reviewed

Excerpt From Essay

"This article involves several layers of investigation meant to be mutually illuminating. At the core of my discussion is an ethnographic analysis of beliefs about the self (which I define for these purposes as the perceived locus of identity and experience) among Gurungs in Nepal, framed by a discussion of local interpretations of Buddhism and the ways in which these impinge on concepts of self. Surrounding this analysis is an examination of the shared tenets of the philosophic system of Buddhism expressed in many varied locales and a consideration of the implications of Buddhist philosophy for debates about the contingency of knowledge and the apprehension of truth, especially in relation to questions of representation and understandings of self."

"Contingent Selves: Love and Death in a Buddhist Society in Nepal," Ernestine McHugh (210).

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