“Centre” and Periphery—An Interview with Paul Willis

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Excerpt From Essay

"Paul Willis was a student and research fellow at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCCS) in Birmingham Irom 1969 to 1981, publishing his doctoral research on hippy and biker subcultures as Profane Culture (1978). He is best known for his book Learning to Labour (1977). a ground-breaking ethnographic study of the shaping of working-class masculinities within a British classroom. He has also worked and published extensively in the field of youth policy (1986; Willis et al. 1988, Willis et al. 1990). His most recent work is The Ethnographic Imagination (2000), and he is also senior founding editor of the new journal Ethnography."

"“Centre” and Periphery—An Interview with Paul Willis," David Mills and Robert Gibb (388).

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