Global “Disjunctive” and the “Sites” of Anthropology

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Excerpt From Essay

"When Arjun Appadurai's article "Disjunctive and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy" first appeared in 1990 it addressed a growing concern among anthropologists that our material was rapidly outrunning our methods. This anxiety was fueled by our own fieldwork experiences, and by the arguments of scholars in cultural studies, postcolonial theory, and even the more enlightened fringes of economics and political science, who saw themselves confronting a world characterized by diaspora, rootlessness, alienation, cul- tural pastiche, faux nostalgia—in a word, "disjunctive." Ten years on, there are new projects on every hand designed to engage these circumstances. Indeed, one seldom comes across a graduate student nowadays whose project does not bear in some way or another on global disjunctives. There are, however, innumerable ways in which this may occur or be phrased, and the potentially relevent literature grows exponentially. In this context, Appadurai's article marked a watershed."

"Global “Disjunctive” and the “Sites” of Anthropology," Peter Metcalf (165).

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