Do We Really Need “Postmodernism” to Understand Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

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Even if "Secrets of Success" had been more convincing in its own terms, finally, what would have been "anthropological" about it? For what-to conclude on a more general, discipline-centered note-is an anthropologist doing publishing an article in a journal of anthropology about the meaning of certain cultural artifacts which is based on no ethnographically rooted evidence of what these artifacts mean to "the natives"? (Moffatt, 372)

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Marston (Michael) Moffatt, died on 11/26/2011. Professor Emeritus Moffatt was a member of the Anthropology Department at Rutgers. Michael Moffatt taught at Rutgers University from 1973 until he retired for medical reasons in 2007. He was an internationally recognized cultural anthropologist, most noted for his ethnographic study of Rutgers University undergraduates, Coming of Age in New Jersey: College and American Culture published by Rutgers University Press in 1989. His earlier research was on "untouchables" in India, and he had started a long term reearch project on Indian-Americans in New Jersey before his retirement. He is survived by his wife, Pamela, his sons Jacob and Alexander, and other family members.

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