Decadence in Times of Globalization

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Essay Excerpt

In this essay I am concerned with some of the pernicious ways in which "internationalization" interlocks with the dynamics of distinction in Third World countries. Specifically, I shall argue that those of us who are from or concerned about the poorer countries should be working actively in the reconstitution and reconstruction of third world nationalisms. I hope to show that one of the effects of multiculturalism in the First World is the consolidation of the rich countries as the ultimate arbiters of taste, while the dynamics of distinction in the Third World and our inattention to the reconstructions of notions of community have mired us (I speak here as a Latin American) in decadent ideologies that hold no promise for the immediate future (257).

Lomnitz, Claudio. "Decadence in Times of Globalization." Cultural Anthropology 9.2(1994): 257–267.

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