A Note from the Journal Editor

Peer Reviewed

When this journal began nine years ago, it gained an audience by opening up to the rich and fertile debates surrounding varieties of textual representation. Since then, for some readers, Cultural Anthropology has been identified with that project; but the interest in textuality was always meant to point outward toward the situations of social life in the world where culture was produced, reproduced, transformed, or contested.

The significance of last year's Society for Cultural Anthropology Meetings marks a shifting concern toward the consideration of new loci of cultural production. Because of their congruence with the journal's goals (see Volume 7, Number 1), it was agreed to have a special issue devoted to them. By looking at these inventive, emergent moments, the work from the 1993 Meetings continues the movement to break with the reified notions of culture, but it pursues anthropology's long-standing commitment to locating culture in the practices of everyday life and the motivations and desires of human agents. In exploring these unmarked territories, far from exoticizing, the writers recognize themselves on common ground with their subjects. All of these essays cross a range of disciplinary borders, but the complex cultural objects that they present are not only the product of one's writing; they are complex in their own varied and emergent sites of production (275).

Myers, Fred. "A Note from the Journal Editor." Cultural Anthropology 9.3(1994): 275.

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