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North America

Another Life is Possible: Black Fugitivity and Enclosed Places

Alterlife and Decolonial Chemical Relations

Reflections on the Anthropology of Sovereignty and Settler Colonialism: Lessons from Native North America

Triggering Change: Police Homicides, Community Healing, and the Emergent Eventfulness of the New Civil Rights

Living the Laughscream: Human Technology and Affective Maneuvers in the Iraq War

Encountering Indeterminacy: Colonial Contexts and Queer Imagining

Who’s Queer? What’s Queer? Queer Anthropology through the Lens of Ethnography

The Blue Years: An Ethnography of a Prison Archive

Is Another Cosmopolitics Possible?

Theorizing (Vaccine) Refusal: Through the Looking Glass

A Magical Reorientation of the Modern: Professional Organizers and Thingly Care in Contemporary North America

Last Chance Incorporated

#Indebted: Disciplining the Moral Valence of Mortgage Debt Online

Our Master’s Voice, the Practice of Melancholy, and Minor Sciences

Herding Species: Biosecurity, Posthuman Labor, and the American Industrial Pig

Attuning to the Chemosphere: Domestic Formaldehyde, Bodily Reasoning, and the Chemical Sublime

Occupation Bedbug: Or, the Urgency and Agency of Professional Pragmatism

From Anthropologist to Actant (and back to Anthropology): Position, Impasse, and Observation in Sociotechnical Collaboration

Occupy Wall Street and the Economic Imagination

Race, Sovereignty, and Civil Rights: Understanding the Cherokee Freedmen Controversy

Santería Copresence and the Making of African Diaspora Bodies

Radmilla's Voice: Music Genre, Blood Quantum, and Belonging on the Navajo Nation

Governing Disaster: The Political Life of the Environment during the BP Oil Spill

Speculative Matter: Secular Bodies, Minds, and Persons

Affect and Rearticulating the Racial “Un-Sayables”

Race/Sex Theory ‘Toward a New and More Possible Meeting’

The Closet, Its Conventions, and Anti-Racist Criticism

Sitting at the Kitchen Table: Fieldnotes from Women of Color in Anthropology

Racial Situations: Nationalist Vindication and Radical Deconstructionism

Left Behind: Security, Salvation, and the Subject of Prevention