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Middle East

Brotherhood in Dispossession: State Violence and the Ethics of Expectation in Turkey

Bread, Freedom, Social Justice: The Egyptian Uprising and a Sufi Khidma

Homeownership in Israel: The Social Costs of Middle-Class Debt

A Kidnapping in Basra: the Struggles and Precariousness of Life in Post-invasion Iraq

Before (and After) Neoliberalism: Tacit Knowledge, Secrets of the Trade, and the Public Sector in Egypt

Sincerity Versus Self-Expression: Modern Creative Agency and the Materiality of Semiotic Forms

The Rhythmic Beat of the Revolution in Iran

Flexible Citizenship in Dubai: Neoliberal Subjectivity in the Emerging 'City-Corporation'

The Songs of the Siren: Engineering National Time on Israeli Radio

Getting by the Occupation: How Violence Became Normal during the Second Palestinian Intifada

Watching U.S. Television From the Palestinian Street: The Media, the State and Representational Interventions

The Humanitarian Politics of Testimony: Subjectification through Trauma in the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict

Disciplines of Presence in Modern Turkey: Discourse, Companionship, and the Mass Mediation of Islamic Practice

Fashions and Fundamentalisms in Fin-De-Siecle Yemen: Chador Barbie and Islamic Socks

Difficult Distinctions: Refugee Law, Humanitarian Practice, and the Identification of People in Gaza

Beyond the Glitter: Belly Dance and Neoliberal Gentrification in Istanbul

The Measure of Mercy: Islamic Justice, Sovereign Power, and Human Rights in Iran

Borderland Pop: Arab Jewish Musicians and the Politics of Performance

Of Children and Jinn: An Inquiry into an Unexpected Friendship during Uncertain Times

Violence and the Rhetoric of Images

Violence and the Rhetoric of Images

Feminist Theory, Embodiment, and the Docile Agent: Some Reflections on the Egyptian Islamic Revival

Rimbaud's House in Aden, Yemen: Giving Voice(s) to the Silent Poet

Reporting from Jerusalem

The Writing on the Walls: The Graffiti of the Intifada

We'll Talk Later

Afghanistan, Ethnography, and the New World Order

Response to David B. Edwards's “Afghanistan, Ethnography, and the New World Order”: On the Involuntary Redrawing of Our Subject Matter

Changing Israeli Landscapes: Buildings and the Uses of the Past

Bombay Talkies, the Word and the World: Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses