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Bombay Talkies, the Word and the World: Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses

How the Anthropology of France Has Changed Anthropology in France: Assessing New Directions in the Field

Complicity and Imitation in Storytelling: A Pragmatic Folklorist's Perspective

The Sacred in the Scientific: Ambiguous Practices of Science in Tibetan Medicine

Karaoke as Modern Lhasa, Tibet: Western Encounters with Cultural Politics

Sitting at the Kitchen Table: Fieldnotes from Women of Color in Anthropology

Socialities of Indignation: Denouncing Party Politics in Karachi

“It’s exhausting to create an event out of nothing”: Slow Violence and the Manipulation of Time

The Allure of the Transnational: Notes on Some Aspects of the Political Economy of Water in India

Incidental Activism: Graffiti and Political Possibility in Athens, Greece

One View from a Deterritorialized Realm: How Black/Queer Renarrativizes Anthropological Analysis

Race/Sex Theory ‘Toward a New and More Possible Meeting’

Getting by the Occupation: How Violence Became Normal during the Second Palestinian Intifada

Editors’ Note on “Neoliberal Futures”

Editors' Farewell

Editors’ Introduction: Open Access

Cyborg Violence: Bursting Borders and Bodies with Queer Machines

Financing Open Access: Introducing Friends of Cultural Anthropology

Editing the Times

Editor's Note

A Kidnapping in Basra: the Struggles and Precariousness of Life in Post-invasion Iraq

Conforming Disconformity: “Mestizaje”, Hybridity, and the Aesthetics of Mexican Nationalism.

The Body of One Color: Indian Wrestling, the Indian State, and Utopian Somatics

Re-Visioning Latin American Studies

Pressure: The PoliTechnics of Water Supply in Mumbai

Anthropology and Open Access

Glossary of Open Access Terms

Amendment to “Golden Snail Opera”

The Charge against Electricity

Introduction: Place and Voice in Anthropological Theory