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Out in Nicaragua: Local and Transnational Desires after the Revolution

"They Come in Peasants and Leave Citizens": Urban Villages and the Making of Shenzhen, China

Pima Swallow Songs

Students, Natives, Colleagues: Encounters in Academia and in the Field

Daniel G. Brinton's Success on the Road to Obscurity, 1890–99

Industrial Agriculture in Evolutionary Perspective

Culture, Exchange, and Gender: Lessons from the Murik

Beyond Narcissism in American Culture of the 1980s

The UN Security Council, Indifference, and Genocide in Rwanda

“Speaking with Names”: Language and Landscape among the Western Apache

Relational Space: An Earthly Installation

At Play in the Fields (and Borders) of the Imaginary: Melanesian Transformations of Forgetting

Export-Quality Martyrs: Roman Catholicism and Transnational Labor in the Philippines

Michel Leiris: Ethnography or Self-Portrayal? Review Essay of <i>Sulfur</i> 15, Featuring New Translations of Michel Leiris’s Work

Death and Memory: From Santa María del Monte to Miami Beach


Agonistic Exchange: Homeric Reciprocity and the Heritage of Simmel and Mauss

Santería Copresence and the Making of African Diaspora Bodies

Masks and Soldiering: The Israeli Army and the Palestinian Uprising

El Campo: Faciality and Structural Violence in Farm Labor Camps

The Agent in the Gift: Hidden Exchange in Inner New Guinea

A Properly Political Concept of Love: Three Approaches in Ten Pages

Playlists: Cinematic Anthropology

Eritrea Goes Global: Reflections on Nationalism in a Transnational Era

Colonial Moral Economy and the Discipline of Development: The Gezira Scheme and “Modern” Sudan

More Alive Than All the Living: Sovereign Bodies and Cosmic Politics in Buddhist Siberia

Toward a Fugitive Anthropology: Gender, Race, and Violence in the Field

The Future of Price: Communicative Infrastructures and the Financialization of Indian Tea

Primordialist Blinders: A Reply to I. M. Lewis

Representing Violence and “Othering” Somalia