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Suicide, Risk, and Investment in the Heart of the African Miracle

Decadence in Times of Globalization

The Global University, Area Studies, and the World Citizen: Neoliberal Geography's Redistribution of the "World"

Viral Clouds: Becoming H5N1 in Indonesia

Making the Monkey: How the Togean Macaque Went from "New Form" to "Endemic Species' in Indonesians' Conservation Biology

Affect and Rearticulating the Racial “Un-Sayables”

The Modernity of Manual Reproduction: Soviet Propaganda and the Creative Life of Ideology

Cultural Production and Reproduction in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico: Tropes at Play among Maquiladora Workers

Our Master, Our Brother: Lévi-Strauss's Debt to Rousseau

Dreamwork: Cell Phone Novelists, Labor, and Politics in Contemporary Japan

Empty Citizenship: Protesting Politics in the Era of Globalization

Affective Atmospheres of Terror on the Mexico–U.S. Border: Rumors of Violence in Reynosa’s Prostitution Zone

"EXCUSE ME, EVERYTHING IS NOT ALL RIGHT": On Ethnography, Film, and Representation

What Matters

Emotion, Thought, and Estrangement: Emotion as a Cultural Category

Dislocating Sound: The Deterritorialization of Indonesian Indie Pop

Material Interventions: Indonesian DIY Fashion and the Regime of the Global Brand

Missing Emotion: The Limitations of Cultural Constructionism in the Study of Emotion

Discipline and the Arts of Domination: Rituals of Respect in Chimborazo, Ecuador

Decomposition as Life Politics: Soils, <i>Selva</i>, and Small Farmers under the Gun of the U.S.–Colombia War on Drugs

Ambiguous Narratives