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Analyzing a Speech Event: The Bush-Rather Exchange A (not very) Dramatic Dialogue

Fluid Labor and Blood Money: The Economy of HIV/AIDS in Rural Central China

Speculations upon the Origin of Elementary Structures

Chemo-Ethnography: An Introduction

Attuning to the Chemosphere: Domestic Formaldehyde, Bodily Reasoning, and the Chemical Sublime

Crossbreeding Institutions, Breeding Struggle: Women's Empowerment, Neoliberal Governmentality, and State (Re)Formation in India

Incitements to Discourse: Illicit Drugs, Harm Reduction, and the Production of Ethnographic Subjects

Displacing Violence: Making Pentecostal Memory in Postwar Sierra Leone

The Theft of Carnaval: National Spectacle and Racial Politics in Rio de Janeiro

Comedians, Pastors, and the Miraculous Agency of Charisma in Ghana

Commitment and Contextual Study in Anthropology

Exceptional Experiences in Everyday Life

Is Language a Prisonhouse?

Managing Hate: Political Delinquency and Affective Governance in Germany

Timing and Management of Birth among the !Kung: Biocultural Interaction in Reproductive Adaptation

The Truth of Sorcery

Adoption and Fosterage in Human Societies: Adaptations or Enigmas?

Disciplines of Presence in Modern Turkey: Discourse, Companionship, and the Mass Mediation of Islamic Practice

Remediation and Local Globalizations: How Taiwan's "Digital Video Knights-Errant Puppetry" Writes the History of the New Media in Chinese

Metropolitan Africans: Reading Incapacity, the Incapacity of Reading

Settlement's Secret

Consent’s Revenge

The Headless Horseman of Central India: Sovereignty at Varying Thresholds of Life

Gifts, Bribes, and Guanxi: A Reconsideration of Bourdieu's Social Capital

Reason, Risk, and Reward: Models for Libraries and Other Stakeholders in an Evolving Scholarly Publishing Ecosystem

Place Replaced: Colonial Nostalgia and Pied-Noir Pilgrimages to Malta

Deception and Evolutionary Biology

The Bakassi Boys: Vigilantism, Violence, and Political Imagination in Nigeria

Imitation Is Far More Than the Sincerest of Flattery: The Mimetic Power of Spirit Possession in Rajasthan, India

Theorizing (Vaccine) Refusal: Through the Looking Glass