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Experts, Expertise, and Expert Knowledge

The HRAF as Radical Text?

Ethnology Brazilian Style

Our Master, Our Brother: Lévi-Strauss's Debt to Rousseau

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The Scholastic Point of View

Reply to Moffatt

The Production of European High Culture in Los Angeles: The J. Paul Getty Trust as Artificial Curiosity

Montaigne and the Cannibals: Toward a Redefinition of Exoticism

The Ethnographic Present: A Reinvention

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The Politics of Remembering: Notes on a Pacific Conference

Scientific Dialogue and Critical Hermeneutics

Introduction: Place and Voice in Anthropological Theory

Genre, Motive, and Metaphor: Conditions for Creativity in Ritual Language

Introduction: Beyond the Debates of the Seventies

Transformations of Disciplines through Their Texts: An Edited Transcription of a Talk to the Seminar on the Diversity of Language and the Structure of Power and an Ensuing Discussion at the University of Pennsylvania

Rice Circle Debates: Two Voices