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Gender and Sexuality

Beyond Writing: Feminist Practice and the Limitations of Ethnography

Of Mimicry and Marginality: Comments on Anna Tsing's “From the Margins”

Fear as a Way of Life

Neither Reasonable nor Responsible: Contrasting Representations of Masculinity in a Malay Society

Landlords and the Devil: Class, Ethnic, and Gender Dimensions of Central American Peasant Narratives

Speaking as a Woman: Structure and Gender in Domestic Arguments in a New Guinea Village

Between Worlds of Exchange: Ethnicity among Peruvian Market Women

Designing Women: Corporate Discipline and Barbados's Off-Shore Pink-Collar Sector

Race, Rubbish, and Resistance: Empowering Difference in Community Politics

My Best Informant's Dress: The Erotic Equation in Fieldwork

Living with Medea and Thinking after Freud: Greek Drama, Gender, and Concealments

Male-Female Separation and Forms of Society

Sexuality and Cargo Cults: The Politics of Gender and Procreation in West New Britain

The Embodiment of Paradox: Yoruba Kingship and Female Power

The Socialization of Aristocratic Children by Commoners: Recalled Experiences of the Hereditary Elite in Modern Japan

The Nuer Incest Prohibition and the Nature of Kinship: Alterlogical Reckoning

Visual Art as Social Data: The Renaissance Codpiece

Incestuous Twins and the House Societies of Insular Southeast Asia


"Then What Have I to Do with Thee?": On Identity, Fieldwork, and Ethnographic Knowledge

Divergence between Cultural Success and Reproductive Fitness in Preindustrial Cities

Culture, Exchange, and Gender: Lessons from the Murik