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Media Studies

Disciplines of Presence in Modern Turkey: Discourse, Companionship, and the Mass Mediation of Islamic Practice

Spectacles of Sexuality: Televisionary Activism in Nicaragua

Pesticides in Coca-Cola and Pepsi: Consumerism, Brand Image, and Public Image in a Globalizing India

Fijian Water in Fiji and New York: Local Politics and a Global Commodity

Rose-Colored Glasses? Color Revolutions and Cartoon Chaos in Postsocialist Georgia

Remediation and Local Globalizations: How Taiwan's "Digital Video Knights-Errant Puppetry" Writes the History of the New Media in Chinese

Watching Twin Bracelets in China: The Role of Spectatorship and Identification in an Ethnographic Analysis of Film Reception

Technologies of the Voice: FM Radio, Telephone, and the Nepali Diaspora in Kathmandu

Ethnography and American Studies

Cultural Critique in and of American Culture

Introduction to Culture at Large Forum with George Lipsitz: Social Warrants and Rethinking American Culture

Anthropology and the New Technologies of Communication

“People from that Part of the World”: The Politics of Dislocation

Tracking Properness: Repackaging Culture in a Remote Australian Town

Borderland Pop: Arab Jewish Musicians and the Politics of Performance

Geeks, Social Imaginaries, and Recursive Publics

Violence and the Rhetoric of Images

Violence and the Rhetoric of Images

"Very Bombay": Contending with the Global in an Indian Advertising Agency

Cyborg Violence: Bursting Borders and Bodies with Queer Machines

On the Sedimentation and Accreditation of Social Knowledges of Difference: Mass Media, Journalism, and the Reproduction of East/West Alterities in Unified Germany

Identity Dub: The Paradoxes of an Indian American Youth Subculture (New York Mix)

Culture Sells: Cézanne and Corporate Identity

Modernist Discourse, Psychic Forms, and Agency: Aesthetic Subjectivities at IRCAM

The Writing on the Walls: The Graffiti of the Intifada

Embedded Aesthetics: Creating a Discursive Space for Indigenous Media

Response to David B. Edwards's “Afghanistan, Ethnography, and the New World Order”: On the Involuntary Redrawing of Our Subject Matter

Photojournalism, Anthropology, and Ethnographic Authority

A Documentary Fiction and Ethnographic Production: An Analysis of Sherman's March

American Academic Journal Editing in the Great Bourgeois Cultural Revolution of Late 20th-Century Postmodernity: The Case of Cultural Anthropology