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Cultural Scripts of Language and Sexuality in Martinican Theater: The Improvisational Impasse

Rimbaud's House in Aden, Yemen: Giving Voice(s) to the Silent Poet

Modernist Discourse, Psychic Forms, and Agency: Aesthetic Subjectivities at IRCAM

Originality in the Postcolony: Choreographing the Neoethnic Body of Philippine Ballet

Of Birds and Gifts: Reviving Tradition on an Indonesian Frontier

Stamping the Earth with the Name of Allah: Zikr and the Sacralizing of Space among British Muslims

Animated Indians: Critique and Contradiction in Commodified Children's Culture

Embodied Trademarks: Mimesis and Alterity on American Commercial Frontiers

Performance and Imagination: Toward an Anthropology of the Spectacular and the Mundane

Beyond Occidentalism: Toward Nonimperial Geohistorical Categories

Maasai on the Lawn: Tourist Realism in East Africa

The Theatricality of History Making and the Paradoxes of Acting

Masochism, Spectacle, and the “Broken Mirror” Clown Entrée: A Note on the Anthropology of Performance in Postmodern Culture

Living with Medea and Thinking after Freud: Greek Drama, Gender, and Concealments

Touring Arcadia: Elements of Discursive Simulation and Cultural Struggle at a Children's Summer Camp

Out of Anthropology: The Anthropologist as an Object of Dramatic Representation

Anthropology and Colonial Discourse: Aspects of the Demonological Construction of Sinhala Cultural Practice

Tactility and Distraction

The Embodiment of Paradox: Yoruba Kingship and Female Power

Cultural Pastiches: Intertextualities in the Moncrabeau Liars' Festival Narratives

Fictions that Save: Migrants' Performance and Basotho National Culture

Words, Worlds, and Wishes: The Aesthetics of Somali Kinship

Disobsessing Disobsession: Religion, Ritual, and the Social Sciences in Brazil


Participatory Discrepancies and the Power of Music

Industrial Agriculture in Evolutionary Perspective

Emotion, Thought, and Estrangement: Emotion as a Cultural Category