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Crisis Effects

On the Importance of Wolves

“It smells like a thousand angels marching”: The Salvific Sensorium in Rio de Janeiro’s Western <em>Subúrbios</em>

Television is Not Radio: Theologies of Mediation in the Egyptian Islamic Revival

Suggestions of Movement: Voice and Sonic Atmospheres in Mauritian Muslim Devotional Practices

To Revive an Abundant Life: Catholic Science and Neoextractivist Politics in Peru’s Mantaro Valley

Brotherhood in Dispossession: State Violence and the Ethics of Expectation in Turkey

Export-Quality Martyrs: Roman Catholicism and Transnational Labor in the Philippines

The Sociopolitical Lives of Dead Bodies: Tibetan Self-Immolation Protest as Mass Media

Santería Copresence and the Making of African Diaspora Bodies

Genetic Diaspora: Producing Knowledge of Genes and Jews in Rural South Africa

Bread, Freedom, Social Justice: The Egyptian Uprising and a Sufi Khidma

Cuban Cabildos, Cultural Politics, and Cultivating a Transnational Yoruba Citizenry

Shifting Multicultural Citizenship: Trinidad Orisha Opens the Road

Left Behind: Security, Salvation, and the Subject of Prevention

Magic with a Message: The Poetics of Christian Conjuring

More Alive Than All the Living: Sovereign Bodies and Cosmic Politics in Buddhist Siberia

Turning the Clock Back or Breaking with the Past?: Charismatic Temporality and Elite Politics in Côte d'Ivoire and the United States

Pentecostal Body Logics: Cultivating a Modern Sensorium

Anthropology, Theology, and Critical Pedagogy: A Conversation with Jean Comaroff and David Kyuman Kim

Prendas-Ngangas-Enquisos: Turbulence and the Influence of the Dead in Cuban Kongo Material Culture

Remains: to be Seen. Third Encounter between State and "Customary" in Northern Mozambique

Physical Training, Ethical Discipline, and Creative Violence: Zones of Self-Mastery in the Hindu Nationalist Movement

Gifts Intercepted: Biopolitics and Spirit Debt

Coincidence and Consequence: Marianism and the Mass Media in the Global Philippines

Comedians, Pastors, and the Miraculous Agency of Charisma in Ghana

The Songs of the Siren: Engineering National Time on Israeli Radio

Moral Ambitions of Grace: The Paradox of Compassion and Accountability in Evangelical Faith-Based Activism

Fashions and Fundamentalisms in Fin-De-Siecle Yemen: Chador Barbie and Islamic Socks

Between Cinema and Social Work: Diasporic Turkish Women and the (Dis)Pleasures of Hybridity