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Kin-Work in a Time of Jihad: Sustaining Bonds of Filiation and Care for Tunisian Foreign Combatants

Staging Climate Security: Resilience and Heterodystopia in the Bangladesh Borderlands

Practicing Uncertainty: Scenario-Based Preparedness Exercises in Israel

An Urban Frontier: Respatializing Government in Remote Northern Australia

States of Camouflage

Why Ethnography Matters: On Anthropology and Its Publics

Beyond Fact or Fiction: On the Materiality of Race in Practice

Notes on Cultural Citizenship in the Black Atlantic World

Affect and Rearticulating the Racial “Un-Sayables”

Left Behind: Security, Salvation, and the Subject of Prevention

A Kidnapping in Basra: the Struggles and Precariousness of Life in Post-invasion Iraq

The Semiotics of Security: Infectious Disease Research and the Biopolitics of Informational Bodies in the United States

Violence, Just in Time: War and Work in Contemporary West Africa

Viral Clouds: Becoming H5N1 in Indonesia

The Generic Biothreat, or, How We Became Unprepared

"Survival is Your Business": Engineering Ruins and Affect in Nuclear America

The City as Barracks: Freetown, Monrovia, and the Organization of Violence in Postcolonial African Cities

Difficult Distinctions: Refugee Law, Humanitarian Practice, and the Identification of People in Gaza

Of Children and Jinn: An Inquiry into an Unexpected Friendship during Uncertain Times

Economy of Dreams: Hope in Global Capitalism and Its Critiques

Compassion and Repression: The Moral Economy of Immigration Policies in France

Violence and the Rhetoric of Images

Violence and the Rhetoric of Images

The UN Security Council, Indifference, and Genocide in Rwanda

Stamping the Earth with the Name of Allah: Zikr and the Sacralizing of Space among British Muslims

Speechless Emissaries: Refugees, Humanitarianism, and Dehistoricization

The Writing on the Walls: The Graffiti of the Intifada

Missing the Revolution: Anthropologists and the War in Peru

Essential Outlines of Crime and Madness: Man-Fights in São Luís