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Social Class and Citizenship

Another Life is Possible: Black Fugitivity and Enclosed Places

Herding Species: Biosecurity, Posthuman Labor, and the American Industrial Pig

The Currency of Failure: Money and Middle-Class Critique in Post-Crisis Buenos Aires

The Tragic Denouement of English Sociality

Occupy Wall Street and the Economic Imagination

Race, Sovereignty, and Civil Rights: Understanding the Cherokee Freedmen Controversy

Ironies of Laboratory Work during Ghana's Second Age of Optimism

Homeownership in Israel: The Social Costs of Middle-Class Debt

Cast Aside: Boredom, Downward Mobility, and Homelessness in Post-Communist Bucharest

Some Carry On, Some Stay in Bed: (In)convenient Affects and Agency in Neoliberal Nicaragua

The Precarious Present: Wageless Labor and Disrupted Life in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Managing Hate: Political Delinquency and Affective Governance in Germany

Traveling Technologies: Infrastructure, Ethical Regimes, and the Materiality of Politics in South Africa

Tolerated Encroachment: Resettlement Policies and the Negotiation of the Licit/Illicit Divide in an Indian Metropolis

Cuban Cabildos, Cultural Politics, and Cultivating a Transnational Yoruba Citizenry

T/racing Belonging through Cuban Tourism

Beyond Fact or Fiction: On the Materiality of Race in Practice

Performing Royalty in Contemporary Africa

Progress and its Ruins: Ghosts, Migrants, and the Uncanny in Thailand

Formless: A Day at Lima’s Office of Formalization

Two Publics in a Mexican Border City

The Museum of Resilence: Raising a Sympathetic Public in Post-Welfare Chicago

Making Pigs Local: Discerning the Sensory Character of Place

Inhabiting Ocular Ground: Kinshasa's Future in the Light of Congo's Spectral Urban Politics

Making Time for the Children: Self-Temporalization and the Cultivation of the Antisuicidal Subject in South India

On Affective Labor in Post-Fordist Italy

Symptoms of Another Life: Time, Possibility, and Domestic Relations in Chile's Credit Economy

Borderland Pop: Arab Jewish Musicians and the Politics of Performance

Activist Research v. Cultural Critique: Indigenous Land Rights and the Contradictions of Politically Engaged Anthropology

Discipline and the Arts of Domination: Rituals of Respect in Chimborazo, Ecuador