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In the Shadow of the Palm: Dispersed Ontologies among Marind, West Papua

Kin-Work in a Time of Jihad: Sustaining Bonds of Filiation and Care for Tunisian Foreign Combatants

Taking Love Seriously in Human-Plant Relations in Mozambique: Toward an Anthropology of Affective Encounters

The Work of Waiting: Love and Money in Korean Chinese Transnational Migration

Muddy Labor: A Japanese Aid Ethic of Collective Intimacy in Myanmar

Working Mis/Understandings: The Tangled Relationship between Kinship, Franco-Malagasy Binational Marriages, and the French State

Ethnography in the Way of Theory

The Closet, Its Conventions, and Anti-Racist Criticism

A Properly Political Concept of Love: Three Approaches in Ten Pages

Full Brother-Sister Marriage in Roman Egypt: Another Look

Occupational Hazards Revisited: Reply to Moshe Shokeid

Picturing Aborigines: A Review Essay on After Two Hundred Years: Photographic Essays on Aboriginal and Islander Australia Today. Edited by Penny Taylor for the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies. Canberra: Aboriginal Studies Press, 1988

Incestuous Twins and the House Societies of Insular Southeast Asia

Timing and Management of Birth among the !Kung: Biocultural Interaction in Reproductive Adaptation