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Knowledge Practices

The Art of Being Indirect: Talking about Politics in Brazil

Ethnic Protest and Social Planning: A Look at Basque Language Revival

Welfare, the Social, and the Individual in Interwar Italy

Dyssimulation: Reflexivity, Narrative, and the Quest for Authenticity in “Living History”

Band-Level Eden: A Mystifying Chimera

“Speaking with Names”: Language and Landscape among the Western Apache

Introduction: Place and Voice in Anthropological Theory

Scientific Dialogue and Critical Hermeneutics

Putting Hierarchy in Its Place

Commentary: Concrete Topographies

Genre, Motive, ad Metaphor: Conditions for Creativity in Ritual Language

Reflecting the Yanomami: Ethnographic Images and the Pursuit of the Exotic

The Migration of a Name: Reflections on Alexander in Africa

"Then What Have I to Do with Thee?": On Identity, Fieldwork, and Ethnographic Knowledge


Introduction: Beyond the Debates of the Seventies

Deception and Evolutionary Biology

Speaking of Tradition and Modernity. A Review Essay on Habits of the Heart and Other Recent Works on American Culture

Cultural Relativism and the Future of Anthropology

Rice Circle Debates: Two Voices

Transformations of Disciplines through Their Texts: An Edited Transcription of a Talk to the Seminar on the Diversity of Language and the Structure of Power and an Ensuing Discussion at the University of Pennsylvania