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Art of the Middle East

The Rhythmic Beat of the Revolution in Iran

Ethics, Iconoclasm, and Qur'anic Art in Indonesia

The Songs of the Siren: Engineering National Time on Israeli Radio

Fashions and Fundamentalisms in Fin-De-Siecle Yemen: Chador Barbie and Islamic Socks

Between Cinema and Social Work: Diasporic Turkish Women and the (Dis)Pleasures of Hybridity

Cultural Sovereignty in a Global Art Economy: Egyptian Cultural Policy and the New Western Interest in Art from the Middle East

Borderland Pop: Arab Jewish Musicians and the Politics of Performance

Purity, Soul Food, and Sunni Islam: Explorations at the Intersection of Consumption and Resistance

Emotion, Performance, and Temporality in Arab Music: Reflections on Tarab

Rimbaud's House in Aden, Yemen: Giving Voice(s) to the Silent Poet

Changing Israeli Landscapes: Buildings and the Uses of the Past

When Leadership Becomes Allegory: Mzeina Sheikhs and the Experience of Military Occupation

Building Power: Italy's Colonial Architecture and Urbanism, 1923-1940