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Holding Patterns: Sand and Political Time at China’s Desert Shores

A Magical Reorientation of the Modern: Professional Organizers and Thingly Care in Contemporary North America

Last Chance Incorporated

Toward an Anthropology of Landmines: Rogue Infrastructure and Military Waste in the Korean DMZ

Excavating Legal Landscapes: Juridical Archaeology and the Politics of Bureaucratic Materiality in Bogotá, Colombia

Anthropology Electric

Geology, Potentiality, Speculation: On the Indeterminacy of First Oil

An Anthropology of Electricity from the Global South

The Charge against Electricity

Tentacles of Modernity: Why Electricity Needs Anthropology

“Where there is fire, there is politics”: Ungovernability and Material Life in Urban South Africa

Attuning to the Chemosphere: Domestic Formaldehyde, Bodily Reasoning, and the Chemical Sublime