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Consuming Desires: Strategies of Selfhood and Appropriation

Representing Culture: The Production of Discourse(s) for Aboriginal Acrylic Paintings

American Academic Journal Editing in the Great Bourgeois Cultural Revolution of Late 20th-Century Postmodernity: The Case of Cultural Anthropology

The Scholastic Point of View

Some Quotes as Queries Pertaining to Bourdieu's Own Scholastic Point of View

What Does Anybody Want?: Desire, Purpose, and the Acting Subject in the Study of Culture

Our Master, Our Brother: Lévi-Strauss's Debt to Rousseau

The HRAF as Radical Text?

The Dialectics of Deeds and Words: Or Anti-the-Antis (and the Anti-Antis)

Avant-gardism as a Mode of Culture Change

Cultural Production and Reproduction in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico: Tropes at Play among Maquiladora Workers

Locality, Structure, and Agency: A Theoretical Analysis

A Zapotecan Meritocracy

The Nuer Incest Prohibition and the Nature of Kinship: Alterlogical Reckoning

On Wittgenstein's Remarks on Frazer's Golden Bough

[Agnostic Exchange: Homeric Reciprocity and the Heritage of Simmel and Mauss]: A Commentary

The Landscape of Enchantment: Redaction in a Theory of Ethnicity

The Politics of Remembering: Notes on a Pacific Conference

Does the Working Class Have a Culture in the Anthropological Sense?

Possible Modernities

Dyssimulation: Reflexivity, Narrative, and the Quest for Authenticity in “Living History”

On the Syntactic Structure of Myth, or the Yukuna Invention of Speech

Segmentation: Its Roots in Arabia and Its Flowering Elsewhere

Introduction: Place and Voice in Anthropological Theory

Putting Hierarchy in Its Place

Scientific Dialogue and Critical Hermeneutics

Ideology, Place, and People without Culture

Commentary: Concrete Topographies

Parody and the Parodie in Polynesian Cultural History

The Irony of Stereotypes: Toward an Anthropology of Ethnicity