A Politics of Worldbuilding


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Recently, political anthropologists and theorists have attempted to address two interrelated concerns. The first is a seemingly widespread lack of More...

Settler Atmospherics


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This essay is part of an online supplement to the Openings collection on “Chemo-Ethnography,” which was edited by Nicholas Shapiro More...

Reflections on Ethnographic Writing Today


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Serving as the jury for this year’s Gregory Bateson Book Prize gave the four of us a remarkable opportunity to take the pulse of the discipline. More...

Race-ing Fargo


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On July 25, 2017, what started as a parking dispute in Fargo, North Dakota turned into a verbal altercation between Amber Hensley, a white woman from More...

Race and the Good Liberal


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The black man is perfect, cried James Baldwin. Surely he knew the pitch of his prose. Those like me—the middlebrow intellectual, proud reader of More...

Guiding Lines


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The author guidelines for Postmodern Culture, by its own account one of the first scholarly journals to be published on the Internet, includes the More...

The Banality of the Anthropocene


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I want to propose an Anthropocene territorialization and a subject-making project in which anthropologists might want to engage. The territory of More...

Introducing Dispatches


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In my first post to the Cultural Anthropology website as the journal’s managing editor (almost a year ago now!), I wrote about the need to More...

The Form of the Otherwise


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A quiet question was raised at the end of the “The Politics of Ontology” roundtable about where writing fit in the discussion. The absence More...

The Ontological Spin


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Commentary was a forum for responses, elaborations, and reflections on material published in Cultural Anthropology. In the second Commentary More...

Night Falls Silent in Damascus


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It’s 2 am and the night falls silent outside his window. Finally the sounds have stopped. The computer screen shimmers brightly with a stream of More...