Participant Toolkit for #displace18

Taking the 2018 biennial meeting of the Society for Cultural Anthropology online means expanding participation and reducing our carbon footprint, but it also means asking presenters to use digital tools to craft their submissions. From the outset, the organizers agreed that technology should not be a barrier to participation in the meeting: we welcome submissions from accomplished visual researchers and digital storytellers, but also from the decidedly low-tech scholar who is intrigued enough to be willing to try something new.

This toolkit, which will continue to grow in the days ahead, includes how-to posts with practical tips on recording a slideshow or a video submission. These posts were written by Contributing Editors affiliated with the Visual and New Media Review section of the Cultural Anthropology website, as part of the section’s commitment to promoting work at the intersection of ethnography, visual and digital media, and other modes of nontextual scholarship. The toolkit also includes guidelines for those who are organizing local nodes, or sites of collective, face-to-face engagement with the virtual meeting.

Posts in This Series

Creating Voice-Over Slideshows

Recording Yourself Giving a Talk

Recording a Short Video Presentation

Creating an Accessible Online Presentation

Organizing a Node