States of Violcnce and the Violence of Status, 1995

1995 SCA Annual Meetings

States of Violcnce and the Violence of Status

May 5-7 in New York City at the Loews NY Hotel.

Program Chair Brackette Williams has put together a conipclling program of speakers and workshops focusing on the issuc of violence in contemporary socictics. But before I give the preliminary line-up of spcak- ers, topics and workshops, let me con- vey the basic information you’ll need to attcnd the meetings. The meeting place, again. is the Loews NY Hotel; registering directly with them is advised. When you call. tell them that you are attcnding as pan of the SCA 1995 Meetings (reservations should be made as soon as possible, we’ve bccn advised). Their phone number is 212/752-7000; their room rate is $109 (either single or double). The SCA works through a travel agency, Conventions in America, that is able to offer discount airfares to NY; their number is 800/929-4242, and the group . number you should give when you make inquiries is #391. Finally, prereg- istration forms for the meeting and additional infomation can be obtained from Elizabeth Price in the AAA Meet- ings Dept (703/528-1902. ext 3025; fax 703/528-3546. The registration fee for profcssionals is $25 and for students is $15. You can also get housing forms from Elizabeth, but it is preferable to go directly through the hotel. Of course, on-site registration for the Meetings is also possible. 


Speakers and Topics: May 5, 1995

Panel 1: States of Violence

Steven Keyna (New Hampshire) “‘llic Dynamic Duos and the Practical Culture of hlercantilism in the Making of the Modern Leviathan, 1415-1815."

Catherine Besterman (Colby C) “Violent Politics and the Politics of Violence: Class, Race, Clans and ‘Othering’ of Somalia”

Fernando Coronil (Michigan) Titte to be announccd

Julie Skurski (Michigan) Title to be announced

Speakers and Topics; May 6, 1995  

Panel 2: Status Violence

Allen Feldman (NDRI, Center for AIDS Outreach and Prevention) “The Making of Whitc Public Space: Policing, Public Safety and Geographies of Violence”

Kim Hopper (Nathan Klein Inst) talk on structural violence in residential patterning based on a social history of African-American homelessness 

Kostas Gounis (Critical Time Intervention) talk on structural violence through the “psychiatrization” of homelessness in the NYC shelter system 

Helan Page (Massachusetts) “The Black Public Sphere in White Public Space: Violent Information. Gendered Racial Image and Managed Cultural Production in the African Diaspora” 

Workshops: May 5-6, 1995

Faye Ginsburg (New York U): workshop on violence and abortion rights in the US (Participants to be announccd)

Helan Page and Pem Buck (Elizabethtown CC): “Theorizing Activism Against ‘Quality of Life’ Offenses of the State.”

Participants: Ruth Wilson Gilmore (Rutgers), Iris Lopez (City College), Natalia Wamba (Epiphany Youth Ctr), Jerome Scott (Project South, Atlanta)

Nicole Polier (New School for Social Rescarch): workshop on gender and the uses of violence in the policing of ethnic group boundaries (Participants to be announced)  

Keynote Speaker

Richard G Fox (Washington U) will give the keynote address, speaking on a topic to be announced. Thc keynote address will take place after the Saturday, May 6, afternoon workshops. 

And not to forget Sunday, May 7: As is customary, the Sunday morning session will be devoted to the bringing together of all the panelists (and participants) for a closing roundtable/plenary discussion finale. 

The Program Chair is still in the process of finalizing an additional workshop that might allow the meetings 10 give attention to prison populations or to the uses of ethnic identity in the psychiatric policing of managed populations. By the time you receive this April AN the program will undoubtedly be in its ultimate, polished form; if you want additional information about the program (not registration or housing; contact Elizabeth Price for that information), please contact Brackette Williams at 410-516-4668. We hope to see you in NY.