Culture and Colonization, 1992

Austin, 1992

Culture and Colonization

May 15-17

Sheraton Austin Hotel

Organized by Katie Stewart

The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Society for Cultural Anthropology will take place at the Sheraton Austin Hotel, 500 N 1-35, in Austin, TX 78701 on May 15-17, 1992. The room rates are single/double $65, triple/quad $75. You may call the hotel directly at 512-480-818 S, identify yourself with the SCA, and reserve a room at these discount rates; or you may cail AAA Meetings Department at 202-232-8800 and ask for a registration card to mail to hotel. Students needing free sleeping space can write to Katie Stewart, Dept of Anthropology, UT- Austin, TX 78712, who will pass on requests to local graduate students. Registration is on Friday, May 15,8:00 am-noon; $25 (SCA members); $15 (students). 


Friday morning 9:00

"I Came, I Saw and I Encountered: Transformation, Obfuscation and Confrontation in American Historical Consciousness During the Columbia Quincententary," by Pauline Strong (U Missouri- St. Louis); Respondent. Samuel Wilson (UT-Austin).


"The Tourist Gaze: Gentrification and the Commodification of Subjectivity in Taos," by Sylvia Rodriguez; Respondent to be confirmed. 


Christianity and Nahua Religiosity Reconsidered: From History and Ethnohistory to Historical Ethnography," by J Jorge Klor de Alva (Princeton); Respondent: Jose Limon (UT-Austin). 

Friday afternoon


Teaching Colonialism (Doug Foley, UT-Austin);

The Mimetic Structure of the Colonialized Body (Allen Feldman, New York);

The Aesthetics of Colonialism; Resistance and Accommodation (Duncan Earle, Texas A&M). 

Saturday morning program, 9:00

"Dialogies of 'Disaffection' in Colonial Fiji," Martha Kaplan and John Kelly (Vassar and Princeton);Respondent, Amy Burce (Santa Cruz).

"Spectacle and Surveillance in the US Colonization of the Philippines," by Vincente Rafael (UC-San Diego); Respondent, Michael MJ Fisher (Rice).

"The Colonial Past of 'Western Civilization'," by Dan Segal (Pitzer); Respondent to be confirmed. 

Saturday afternoon

Representations of Colonialism (Elizabeth Traube, Wesleyan)

Languages of Colonial Resistance (E Joanne Taylor, East Texas State)

Ethnography of Development: Multicultural Resistance to Colonialism (Meggan Biesele, Nyae Nyae Foundation of Nambia). 

Saturday evening: 5:30

Guest lecture

"The Doubie Reckoning of Christopher Columbus," by Barbara Helfgott Hyett (Boston U).

Sunday Morning: 9:30

General Discussion 

Nicholas Dirks (Michigan)


SCA Business Meeting.

Receptions Friday and Saturday afternoons. 

The hotel is in the entertainment district of Austin, and there will be many musical groups andother distractions to choose from in the evenings. It is also near the hike and bike trail around Town Lake for walks and jogging.