Making Popular Culture, 1990

Santa Monica, 1990

Making Popular Culture

May 18-20

The Third Annual Meeting of the Society for Cultural Anthropology will be held at the Bayview Plaza, Holiday Inn in Santa Monica, California, from the morning of Friday, May 18, until noon on Sunday, May 20, 1990. Making Popular Culture will be the general topic of the meeting. The conference format will be similar to past years: there will be invited speakers and discussants in the morning sessions and three workshops on a variety of subjects open for all participants in the afternoon. However, this year the three morning papers will be 1/2 hour in length (instead of one hour) and there will be time for questions and comments from the audience after each paper has been criticized by an invited discussant. 

On Friday, May 18, the subject will be The Ethnographies of Popular Culture. The invited speakers are Catherine Stewart, Steven Feld and Susan Harding. Workshop topics (still tentative): Culturally Constructing Worlds; the Culture of Sumptuary Distinctions; Transparent and Reflective Media. 

On Saturday, May 19, the subject will be Constructing Popular Culture in Non-Western Contexts. The invited speakers are Fred Myers, Saridria Freitag and Marilyn Ivy. Workshop topics (still tentative): Pop Culture and Politics; Folk Drama; Ex/appropriatipg Meanings.

On Sunday, May 20 there will be a general discussion and a brief business meeting.

There also will be special evening events and a plenary address, which are still being arranged and will be announced in a special mailing to SCA membership and in the next AN. To make hotel reservations, request housing forms by February 23 from the Society for Cultural Anthropology, AAA, 1703 New Hampshire Av NW, Washington, DC 20009. Advance registration forms are being mailed to all SCA members, but these forms are also available from the Society at the above address. [Note that volunteered papers are not being requested for this meeting. However, a letter confirming your contribution to a workshop can be provided if needed for institutional reimbursement of expenses. Write to cochairs Robert Fernea (U Texas-Austin) or Donald Brenneis (Pitzer College, Claremont).]