Challenges to the Concept of Culture, 1989

Washington DC, 1989

Challenges to the Concept of Culture

May 19-21

The Society for Cultural Anthropology is pleased to present the final program for its second annual meeting, to be held May 19-21 at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC. On Friday and Saturday mornings, six invited speakers will address the conference theme, "Challenges to the Concept of Culture," from the perspectives of their different traditions. The rest of the meeting, including general discussion following the lectures and commentary, afternoon workshops and a final wrap-up session Sunday morning, will be devoted to consideration of the issues raised by the six talks. The program is as follows: 

9:00 am

Friday morning, May 19

Speakers: Brackette Williams 

Bruce Kapferer

Annette Weiner

Commentators: Rayna Rapp

Renato Rosaldo 

2:30 pm Friday afternoon

Workshops and Workshop Leaders

"The Making of Culture" Aihwa Ong and Anna Tsing

"The Deconstruction of Culture" George Marcus and Kathleen Stewart

"Gender and the Organization of Culture" Faye Ginsburg and Holly Mathews 

5:00 pm

SCA Reception for Participants 


Saturday Morning, May 20th


Unni Wikan

Robert Paul

George Lakoff


James Peacock

Jane Hill 

2:30 pm

Saturday afternoon

Workshops and Workshop Leaders:

"The Intepretation of Cultures" Susan McKinnon and Bradd Shore

"Culture and Psyche" Shelly Errington and Gillian Gillison

"Culture and Mind" Naomi Quinn and Claudia Strauss 

5:00 pm

Cash Bar

9:00 am

Sunday morning, May 21


Discussant: John Comaroff

SCA Business Meeting 

Meeting registration material and hotel registration forms have been mailed to all SCA members. Nonmembers can obtain this material by writing to SCA Annual Meeting, 1703 New Hampshire Av NW, Washington, DC 20009. However, note that the deadline for both meeting and hotel registration is April 21.