Culture and Self, 1988

Washington DC, 1988

Culture and Self

May 20-22

SCA is pleased to announce the program for its first Annual Meeting, to be held May 20-22 at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC. Six invited speakers will address the conference theme, “Culture and Self,” from different analytical perspectives. The rest of the meeting will be devoted to discussion of the issues raised by the major talks.

The opening session begins at 1:00 Friday, May 20, with lectures by Sylvia Yanagisako, Roy D’Andrade and David Schneider addressing issues of gender, psychology and cognition, and culture, respectively. Rayna Rapp and Gananath Obeyesekere will offer commentary on these presentations. 

The program for Saturday morning, May 21, features talks by TO Beidelman on exhange, James Fernandez on aesthetics and material culture and Vincent Capanziao on narrative and life history. Shirley Lindenbaum and Michael Silverstein will serve as discussants for the session.

Saturday afternoon will be devoted to workshops that examine key issues raised by the six talks. Listed below are topics for the workshops and the names of individuals who will direct them. Conference participants may register in advance for the workshop of their choice: (1) Culture, James Boon and Roy Wagner; (2) Psychological and Cognitive, Dorothy Holland and Robert Paul; (3) Gender, Emily Martin and Naomi Quinn; (4) Aesthetics and Material Culture, David Napier and Emiko Ohnuki-Tiemey; (5) Narrative and Life Histories, Susan Harding and James Peacock; (6)Exchange, Arjun Appadurai and Annette Weiner.

(To register as a participant in a par- ticular workshop, please send your name, address and first and second choice of workshop by February 15 to James Peacock, Dept of Anth, U North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.) 

Sunday morning, May 22, will consist of a wrap-up session with Terence Turner and Walter Goldschmidt serving as general discussants. A business meeting for the SCA membership will follow. The conference will conclude early Sunday afternoon. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although formal presentations at the conference will be limited to the six invited lectures noted above, individuals who wish to contribute a paper to further intellectual exchange and/or to meet their institution’s requirements for travel reimbursement may do so in the following way. Registration lists for the Saturday workshops will be circulated to participants in March. Any participant may, if desired, circulate a formal paper to other workshop participants in advance of the conference. Each paper submitted in this way will be read by participants prior to the meetings to enhance rhe discussion. No papers will be read during the workships, but participants' papers will be listed on the program. The deadline for circulating papers is April 15. Please note that circulating a paper is an option not a requireent for workshop participation.

Meeting Deadlines

Both meeting forms referred to below are available from 1988 SCA Annual Meeting, 1703 New Hampshire Av NW, Washington, DC 20009. Requests forr hotel and registration forms should be received at this address no later than March 15. 

Hotel reservations: Meeting rates at the Capital Hilton are $100 per night for single or double occupancy ($25 for an additional person). These rates are in effect until April 19. After that date, regular rates will apply. The deadline for receipt of completed hotel forms at the Capital Hilton is April 19. 

Meeting registration: Deadline for receipt of completed advance registration forms is May 1. 

Please note: you must request both housing and meeting registrationforms by March 15.