David Schneider Lectures

The David Schneider Lectureship is named after one of SCA's founders, and one of the defining figures in cultural anthropology of the 20th century. SCA inaugurated the Schneider Lectures in 1999 as a cornerstone of its biannual spring meetings.

"From Susan Seizer's essay, "Roadwork: Offstage with Special Drama Actresses in Tamilnadu, South India, " CA 15, no. 2 (2000):217-259."

Talal Asad (CUNY Graduate Center)

"Freedom of Speech and Religious Limitations"

Long Beach, 2008

Timothy Mitchell (New York U)

"Culture and Economy"

Milwaukee, 2006

Mahmood Mamdani (Columbia U)

"Post-Apartheid Perspectives on America and Israel"

Portland, 2004

Paul Rabinow (U California, Berkeley)

"The Problem of Anthropology" 

Montreal, 2001

Ashraf Ghani (Johns Hopkins, World Bank)

"State-Power and Production and Destruction of Public Value: Toward an Ethnographic Approach" 

San Francisco, 1999