Announcing the Eleventh Annual SCA Student-Faculty Workshops at #AmAnth2018

The Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA) is pleased to announce the lineup for our eleventh annual Student-Faculty Workshops, which will take place on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association in San Jose, CA. These workshops provide a wonderful opportunity for graduate students to meet with other students and a leading scholar, all of whom are working on a common theme. This year’s workshops will be held on Saturday, November 17, from 12:15-1:45 p.m. We are pleased to offer the following four workshops:

"Ethics and the Other," Naisargi Dave (University of Toronto)

This workshop addresses questions within the anthropology of ethics as they relate—possibly, actually—to an anthropology beyond the human. Both of these bodies of thought—the ethical and more-than-human turns—have been extremely generative in recent years, but are not often put into conversation. The ethical tends to remain a human, and humanistic, question. In the workshop, we will consider a number of approaches to the ethical: imagination, responsibility, relationality, (a)morality, comportment, critique, violence. Likewise, we will consider a range of ways of thinking about the more-than-human, limited neither to animality nor to life. Feminist, critical race, and decolonial engagements with ethics in anthropology will be central themes.

“Ethnography, Writing, and Literature,” Angela Garcia (Stanford University)

This workshop is aimed at students interested in the relationship between ethnography, writing, and literature. Possible topics for discussion include the use of literary texts as ethnographic source material, literary approaches to ethnographic writing, and critiques of the so-called literary turn in anthropology.

“Life and Labor,” Kathleen Millar (Simon Fraser University)

In what ways does precarious labor articulate with precarious life? How might informal and wageless work be more than a survival strategy for some people? This workshop will focus on the precarity of many contemporary forms of labor as well as the highly generative projects of social transformation that workers may engage in through their attempt to live onward in fragile times. Participants are invited to explore topics and bring questions about precarious labor, urban poverty, temporality, and Latin American studies.

“The Fraught Complexities of Institutions,” Damien Sojoyner (University of California, Irvine)

How do we frame the study of institutions in the development of our research projects? How do we situate communities and individual actors within the context of the institutions that they give life to, resist against, and actively disengage from? What are the laden assumptions around power and power dynamics with respect to institutions? What is the relationship among institutions within various models of state governance? During this workshop, we will engage with strategies and techniques for developing research agendas that critically address the aforementioned questions and build on lines of inquiry by workshop participants to better understand the study of institutions.

To keep conversations lively and intimate, each workshop will be limited to six current graduate students. The workshops are free and lunch will be provided by the SCA. However, preference will be given to SCA members. As a graduate student, you can join the SCA for just $20.  

To be considered for one of this year’s workshops, please fill out the brief application form no later than November 1, 2018. You will be asked to supply a 250- to 300-word description of your research project and its relation to the workshop theme. In addition, you are encouraged to raise a specific question for the workshop’s faculty leader and other workshop participants to discuss. Descriptions will be shared with all participants in advance of the meeting. Your workshop’s faculty leader may also circulate one short text to read in advance of the workshop.

If you have any questions, please email Julia Sizek, graduate student representative to the SCA board, at jsizek[at]