Renewing the SCA Website

More than ten years ago now, the Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA) launched an innovative website designed to extend the reach of its peer-reviewed journal. Since then, the site has expanded to include timely interventions like the Hot Spots series and anchored a widely admired graduate student mentoring program.

Earlier this year, the SCA made the decision to overhaul the site for a new generation of web users, prioritizing features like mobile friendliness, faster search, and accessibility for users with disabilities. The editorial team, led by Brad Weiss, Heather Paxson, and Christopher Nelson, have been working nonstop to get the site ready for a February 2019 launch. With the finish line approaching, Friends of Cultural Anthropology (FoCA)—an independent nonprofit organization founded by former SCA board members—is setting out to raise the remaining funds needed to complete the job.

The splash page for the fundraising campaign, which includes an image of the new SCA homepage. The words Creative Research, Critical Conversations appear against a blue background.

The fundraising campaign, which will run through December 31, has so far raised over $5,000. But FoCA hopes to reach its fundraising target of $10,000 by the end of the year, which will support seamless integration of journal and web content as well as in-depth testing of the new site by readers using assistive technologies, to be carried out by the Institute for Human Centered Design.

All donations to the campaign are tax-deductible. FoCA is also providing thank-you gifts for donations at various levels: donate $125 and receive a signed copy of a book by a current SCA board member, or $250 and receive a hand-selected gift box inspired by the themes of a board member’s research. Smaller donations are welcome too! FoCA is offering laptop stickers and T-shirts featuring quotes from contributors to the Fieldsights section of the SCA website. Donors can choose from one of the following quotes:

The knowledge we produce must be produced collectively in order to engender actions with any real transformative potential.
—Aimee Meredith Cox

Access is not a thing but a state of relation.
—Peter Redfield

Where does the tool end and the ethnographer’s self begin?
—Cassandra Hartblay

The promise of an open and accessible anthropology lies in propagating more radical techniques of knowing otherwise.
—Anand Pandian

In 2017, the SCA website registered more than one million unique pageviews by users around the world. It has become a community resource, not just for one section of the American Anthropological Association, but for the wider discipline and beyond. If the site is a resource that you value and use in your teaching or scholarship, FoCA asks you to support its renewal at whatever dollar amount you can.

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