Culture@Large 2005: "The Post-Soviet Condition"

SCA Culture @ Large 2005 presents: Professor Susan Buck-Morss (Government, Cornell U) "The Post-Soviet Condition" Saturday, December 3rd, 10:15am--12:00pm

Susan Buck-Morss, "Susan Buck-Morss (Cornell U)." March 23, 2005.

SCA Chair: Judith Farquhar

Discussants: James Faubion, Michael Fischer, Bruce Grant, and Nancy Ries.

Susan Buck-Morss is well known in anthropology for her extensive and original study of Walter Benjamin's Arcades project, The Dialectics of Seeing (MIT, 1989).  In  her more recent Dreamworld and Catastrophe: The Passing of Mass Utopia in East and West (MIT, 2000), she has contributed to theories of media, sovereignty, and social movements for a post-Cold War condition.  In these projects Buck-Morss has expanded the methods of history in what might be thought of as ethnographic directions.  Her 2003 collection of essays entitled, Thinking Past Terror: Islamism and Critical Theory on the Left (Verso) argues for scholarly technologies that truly learn from discursive traditions beyond the Euro-American tradition.