SCA's March Roundup

During the month of March SCA had exciting announcements about the future of Cultural Anthropology. Here are the highlights of what we’ve been up to on the new website and what is coming your way in the near future.


[*] The Society for Cultural Anthropology is pleased to announce that, beginning in 2014, our flagship journal Cultural Anthropology will be Open Access, freely available to anyone in the world.

[*] In order to answer the community’s questions and concerns about this major decision, SCA President Brad Weiss and journal editors Anne Allison and Charles Piot held a livechat on March 20th. You can read the transcript here. If you have any additional questions, leave a comment at the website and we’ll be sure to get back to you quickly.

[*] The February issue of Cultural Anthropology included a call for photo essays to be published on our website. Be sure to check out the announcment, instructions for submissions, as well as our inaugural photo essay.

[*] The Society for Cultural Anthropology is accepting submissions for the 2013 Gregory Bateson Book Prize through May 1st. To find out more about the prize as well as how to submit check out the announcment online.


Several posts have recently been published in our monthly Field Notes series, short topic-based discussions on different themes. If you have ideas for future topics to cover in this series and/or if you would like to help coordinate a round, please get in contact with Grant Otsuki (

[*] Andrea Muehlebach closed out our Field Notes series on "Affect" by arguing that: ”When asking, then, what work affect is doing in our analysis...the answer might lie in the fact that it is, ironically, a metaphysical concept, one that allows for politics and ethics as well."

[*] In March, our Field Notes conversation focused on “Disasters.” Read Ben McMahan’s “Provocation”, Vivian Choi’s “Translation,” Anne Allison’s “Intervention” and Kim Fortun's "Integration."

[*] Patricia Alvarez provides a sneak preview of two new ethnographic flims: Leviathan and People’s Park.

If you have articles or announcements that you think would be of interest to the SCA community, please contact and we’ll include it in the next digest.

Thumbnail Image: Danny Hoffman, "Corpus: Mining the Border." Cultural Anthropology Online, November 2012.